To read. New digital world theory.

Everything here is about the Word Order, Universe and new theories and ideas. Energy, Time, Distance, Mass, Black Holes, Atoms, Information and other basic knowledge are the subject of the posts.

New Digital World Theory. Part 1.

What matter? Does it matter? We use such concepts as matter, energy, force, time, speed and others to describe processes occurring around us. And these terms seem to perfectly describe and explain all that. But do they really? Do these familiar terms answer the question as to how our world works? No, not in my […]

New Digital World Theory. Part 2

What is around us? Non-material particles that make up our material world somehow change the laws of our “mid-size” world. Why do micro particles, grouped into large masses, follow the laws of matter? And why do these same micro particles, grouped into enormous masses, stop following the laws of matter? Alas, it is not possible […]

New Digital World Theory. Part 3

Melting pot of matter (information). What is there in a computer that could function as a Universe? Let’s try to build up an analogy. Everything that happens in the Universe resembles the process of computation and data handling. The data is kept in computer’s memory, from where it is extracted, processed and saved again in […]

New Digital World Theory. Part 4

Controlling Universe (The computer) So, from examining the distance we smoothly move over to understanding forces of nature. In a man-made computer, the information as to when, and which, programs and devices should start working, is transmitted via special control lines (bus). Certain types of programs and devices have access to this information. Not all […]

New Digital World Theory. Part 5

The Computer and temperature. Having dealt with the Computer’s control, we can now try to describe the property of the data arrays stored in its memory. What would happen with data actively handled by the processor? And what would happen with data just simply stored – or what if it is abandoned data? Probably, local […]

New Digital World Theory. Part 6

The computer and the data structure. Perhaps this is the most complicated part of my tractate. It is about the way the Processor makes its calculations in Universe. Huge data arrays “digested” by the Processor, make the Programmer (maybe that is God) to be very rational with use of the Processor’s resources. Same as we […]

New Digital World Theory. Part 7

The computer and limitation of everything including speed. Same as a man-made computer, the global Computer has its limitations. It cannot complete all the necessary tasks instantaneously. This happens step by step, with a certain delay that determines timing in the Computer. The time delay really exists, as all running Computer programs detect and use […]

New Digital World Theory. Part 8

Temperature and Energy. In all my work I have so far missed such important dimension as energy. I have done that deliberately, as it would not have been possible to explain its meaning without previous comments. Hopefully, I would make up for it now. Let’s imagine various possible operational modes of the Computer. One extreme […]

New Digital World Theory. Part 9

Does the Super Computer exist? All previous discussions lead me to conclusion that our Universal Computer is only a part of a grand computing structure that solves even bigger tasks. The presence of “invisible” Black Holes and breakable bytes of information (molecules, atoms, etc) is evidence to that. All these disappear from our Universe into […]

New Digital World Theory. Part 10

The Big Ban theory, Human being, Mass and conclusion. You have probably noticed that I only briefly mentioned the Big Bang theory. I have done that deliberately, as I do not see anything significant in that idea. So mega data arrays grow and move apart – so what? The Computer is computing data, and results […]