About me

My name is Igor Voroshilov, a high graduated technician age of 50+.

From my childhood I was looking for an answer of a simple question “how is our world built? What is the World Order?”.
I was reading a lot of science magazines, books and articles to get to the bottom of problem. Unfortunately, there was no answer for me. All the theories did answered particular questions but the whole world was missed. It was a mystery and it still is. So I started thinking in my own way looking for the answers.

Roughly 30 years ago I was given a book written by American mathematician and electrical engineer Claude Shannon. The book was about information theory. I liked it a lot. It was a turning point for me. I accepted the idea that everything is information.

At the beginning I was thinking that we live in a flow or a stream of information without any beginning or end. But the time was passing by as well my understanding of the World and the information.

I published my finial ideas here in the blog. Please read the theory follow the link.

Many thanks,

Igor Voroshilov