New Digital World Theory. Part 10

The Big Ban theory, Human being, Mass and conclusion.

You have probably noticed that I only briefly mentioned the Big Bang theory. I have done that deliberately, as I do not see anything significant in that idea. So mega data arrays grow and move apart – so what? The Computer is computing data, and results of that work are constantly changing, so that we notice movement in the Universe. And the fact that everything has started from one point could be explained very simply:  the Computer has just been switched on. This is why there was an unusual stream of data at the very beginning. The Computer’s software had to be loaded, and only then it became possible to start processing data. This is what it is, and nothing more.

I’d like to talk a bit about ourselves, homo sapiens.  We are that tiny-weenie program, but with so high adaptability level. And the result of that adaptability is our ability to collect knowledge and use that baggage for forecasting the future. That very ability distinguished us from other “live” programs. Unfortunately, our abilities are still not developed enough. At the moment, we are just a small virus that can’t even do any significant harm. We can exist only in very comfortable conditions, needing a certain density of data array, low local Processor activity, presence of certain information bytes. In a word, we are currently nothing but humble bugs. What are we going to do? The way we currently are, we can’t take on any significant task. We have only one possibility to evolve – that is, to transform into a new species – the humankind. In that species, each individual should have to cease existing as a human being and become a cell living for a common purpose and willing to sacrifice itself for the common tasks. And what to do now? There is no real purpose. Wealth, fame, well-being – all that are purposes of a man’s ego.  For Mankind to be created, that is nothing. Something grander is needed, with bigger ambitions, comparable with the Computer tasks. I don’t know how realistic is that, but taking over control of the Computer could be attempted. The task is complicated with that if we interfere with current processing tasks, then there would be a high probability of “cleansing” by the Computer’s antivirus. In the extreme case of getting rid of us, the Computer could be simply switched off, and our life would definitely end. The task should be done very delicately, with minimal distraction of the Computer’s work. For that, first of all, a collective mind should be created to solve far more complex tasks than each of us can. That mind would help us to seize more Computer resources and to venture tasks previously unattainable even in our dreams. For instance, conquering the Universe is impossible without either us adapting to wider living conditions, or the wider Universe being adapted to us. The higher optimising programs would always obstruct us in that. It’s not a fact that the Computer itself is capable, even for short time, to block that optimisation work. Possibly not. And then there would be only one option left – to change ourselves, in order to withstand a bigger range of conditions for existing in different data arrays.  In general, the task is complex, very time consuming, and the ways of its completing can’t be seen yet.  One thing is clear – that the Super Mind is needed to control us all. Technically, we are coming closer to accomplishing that task. But in practice, we would not be able to handle control over us anytime soon. The main problem is the new Super Intellect – that is, the program determining purposes and values of the humankind. That would be the nearest task for people.

Oops, I forgot to write about mass. It is mass that is a metric of information volume.  To process more information, the Computer needs more time for completing tasks – which means it handles bigger mass.

This is all for now. If you have any questions worth discussing, write via the contact form. I apologise in advance that I would only reply to those who are raising questions of my interest. Please do not ask about God. Alas, I have no answer – same as everyone else, I can only imagine Him.


Thank you for reading!

Igor Voroshilov

Written between 28.08.2016 and 05.03.2017.

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