New Digital World Theory. Part 6

The computer and the data structure.

Perhaps this is the most complicated part of my tractate. It is about the way the Processor makes its calculations in Universe.

Huge data arrays “digested” by the Processor, make the Programmer (maybe that is God) to be very rational with use of the Processor’s resources. Same as we the humans combine bits of information in our computers into bytes, the Computer groups the information into blocks in order to process and save data. By the way, we know perfectly well part of those blocks. They are in the Periodic Table of the chemical elements. Yes, these are, at the very least, molecules of matter. The Computer uses them, same as the information bytes, for optimised computing. That is much faster: take a molecule as an information bite and process it, without thinking of its contents.

Molecules are the most researched information bytes of the Computer. They are made of atoms which, in their turn, are built of other smaller elementary particles. That is a very complicated data structure in the Computer, and we don’t know yet what is the real Computer’s bite. Good luck to our nuclear physicists in their search for an undividable particle of our world!

Of course, this bit would be a bit only for our Computer. For the Computer joining us at the lower level, that would be a Black Hole ready to explode and disintegrate data in that universe.

It is this grouping of bits of information into bytes that creates strong nuclear forces. This force holds atoms together to form a molecule, for example. While the Computer “thinks” it is dealing with an information byte, it is very difficult to break this byte apart. The Computer has to be “persuaded” that it is not a byte but a group of bits. A special effort or energy is needed for that.

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